123.hp.còm/sètùp - HP Printer Software Download

123.hp.còm/sètùp process is easy. Learn 123.hp.còm/sètùp steps; activate the network and Install Printer Software and Driver. Finally add your Windows or Mac device to start printing

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HP Driver Download & Install for Windows via 123 Hp Còm Sètùp

  1. Insert the CD to the windows, that came along with the printer package of 123.hp.còm/sètùp .
  2. Download and locate the driver from the CD.
  3. Make sure that you download and install the driver which is the latest version.
  4. Then process the steps for the driver installation.
  5. Open the HP smart app on the windows.
  6. If you don't have the app, then download and install the app.
  7. Load and open the app.
  8. Add the printer via the HP Smart app to the windows.
  9. Once you add the printer, then start to process the driver installation steps.
  10. Open the driver and start to run the driver file.
  11. Then accept for the terms and conditions to install the driver.
  12. After the driver installation print the alignment page and start to install it on the printer.

HP Printer Setup - 123.hp.còm/sètùp

  • Connect the printer and the windows via the USB Cable.
  • Navigate to the settings from the start option on the windows.
  • Tap on the devices and choose the printers or scanners option.
  • Then click on the add a printer or scanner option.
  • Wait until your printer’s name is visible on the windows.
  • Then after getting your printer’s name tap on the name.
  • The process to add the printer to the windows.